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A nomad at heart, I carry my creative curiosities in my traveller's backpack wherever I go. So far they have taken me to Ireland, Scotland, England, Scandinavia, North America, across Europe and Israel, where I produced diversified content for the globally recognized Time Out brand. During my period abroad, I worked as Time Out Israel's web editor and deputy print editor. 


It was also there that I developed my passion for travel and music journalism in my simultaneous positions as the editor of Atmosphere (EL AL’s inflight magazine) and the music correspondent for The Jerusalem Post newspaper. I am also an experienced content writer and an extremely detail oriented proofreader.

My writing has appeared in many international and local publications, including The New York Times, The Canadian Jewish News, Time Out, b.inspired (Brussels Airlines), The Forward, The Jerusalem Post, Pink Pangea, Alma, Steel Chisel, In/Words Magazine & Press, The Inkwell, ByWords and Anthem. I also self-published This Actually Happened (2014), a non-fiction anthology.




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